Paper, but not just paper.

Coffee Filter Paper, but not just paper

There are many kinds of coffee filter paper in markets, but it would be a big mistake if you think it is just a paper and there is not much difference even if which paper you use. CAFEC filter paper has “Two-Side Crepe”. Though another normal paper has crepe on one-side only but the CAFEC paper keeps Two-Side Crepe by our original papermaking technology (Air-through dry). Thanks to the best balance of the height of crepe on both sides, it can keep enough air layer between paper and dripper so water can be flowed in ideal speed. That is, “Two-Side Crepe” can be said a proof of good filter paper. It is a paper, but not just a paper!


Original Papermaking technology realizes
“Two-Side Crepe“ Air Through Dry

In normal papermaking process, paper is dried on a heating roller so crepe on one side is pressed down. On the other hand, CAFEC paper added crepe on both sides dried by hot blast, not pressed on a heater, so the crepe on both sides of paper can be kept as it is and enough height of crepe is maintained. Thanks to the best height balance of Two-Side Crepe, almost all fine coffee powder is attached on the crepe, so you can enjoy a clear cup of coffee without muddiness. Moreover the Two-Side Crepe allows water to flow smoothly.

Advantage of CAFEC paper filter

Paper-making of CAFEC paper filter


Air Through DryWet paper is dried by hot air in a flat state,
so two side crepe is kept after dried well.


The texture of CAFEC paper mesh is fine, so water can flow stably and speedy.

Paper-making of normal paper filter
Hot air

Wet paper is dried on the rotary drum by adding pressure, so crepe at the drum side is crushed then a paper has only one side crepe. And more, the height of crepe is also lower because the paper is dried by being stretched.

Rotary hot drum

The texture of another paper mesh is not fine, so water cannot flow stably; water might be collected.

Two kinds of Filter Paper

  • Non-bleached (Brown)
    For those who prefer natural taste

  • Oxygen-bleached (White)
    For those who want to keep aroma of coffee

Production Process of Wood Pulp

  • Wood chips

  • Stream Solutions

  • Undyed Pulp

  • Decolation

  • Refined Pulp


FSC Certificate


FSC Certificate is a proof to show all people related with maintaining forests as one group; such as those who keeping forest, manufacturing , selling, and using wood products. CAFEC also have a filter paper with the FSC certificate.


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